Expert Service for Environmental Test Chambers

Chamber maintenance and calibration specialists


Products and technology from every industry need to be tested before they reach the end user.  The best way to explore how a product will respond throughout it’s useful life is to simulate the conditions it will be exposed to.

This is Environmental Simulation.

Test chambers and simulation systems help developers and QA professionals uncover design flaws. Testing products during the developmental stage allows producers to engineer through the weaknesses, resulting in a safer, more robust product with a greater useful life.

We support the systems that create these conditions.

We specialize in servicing ultra-low temperature/ cascade refrigeration and environmental simulation equipment. With almost 40 years of experience in this segment, we pride ourselves in supporting some of America’s leading manufacturers and test labs.

Environmental Simulation Systems

  • Temperature

  • -240° to 2204°C
    (-400°to 4000°F)

Our team is skilled in all aspects of ultra-low temperature and cascade refrigeration systems.  We can design, service, install and retrofit a wide range of environmental test chambers.  We also service high temperature ovens and thermal shock chambers.

  • Humidity

  • 0 to 98% RH

We service many types of humidification systems including steam generators and water spray assemblies.  We also care for air dryers which can be used for drying rooms and growth chambers.

  • Altitude Simulation

  • -1000 to 264,000 feet

Our team has extensive background in high altitude simulation testing.  Many of our clients come from the space, defense and aeronautics communities and use these systems to test flight instrumentation and sensitive electronics.  We support low-level altitude chambers up to space simulation systems that exceed 265,000 feet of elevation.


  • 50°C/min.

Accelerated life testing and stress screening equipment are used to quickly find the weaknesses of a product.  By combining rapid changes in temperature, and random axis vibration, the life cycle of the test article is accelerated.  This test method is a popular choice for test engineers working at the developmental stages of a product.  We’re also experienced with AGREE, Rapid AGREE, and Super AGREE test chambers.